Just a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate your assistance in helping us secure long-term care insurance. As you know we were unsuccessful in the past, due, I believe, to the lack of persistence on the part of another organization.
You were a pleasure to work with, responsive, persistent and professional. Your friendly demeanor and expert knowledge base made it so much easier to make a decision about a complex issue. If we may ever act as a reference for you, I hope you will not hesitate to contact us.

Pottstown, PA

I requested information on long-term healthcare insurance in response to an announcement from a university alumnae bulletin. Mr. Donald Strickler contacted me, offering his assistance. We began a constructive working relationship with the objective of selecting a plan for me and my wife which would provide a degree of coverage in our later years while still being reasonable within our financial constraints. Don provided information on various options from major carriers, a detailed cost analysis, and answered all our questions in timely fashion. Using statistical data and personal observations, Don was able to educate us on the best options while removing all anxiety in the process. With no pressure whatsoever, he helped us to identify and initiate our long term healthcare policies. I am extremely pleased that we are fortunate to have Don as our LTHC advisor.

Coopersburg, PA

I had read and listened to many financial experts on the benefits of LTC Insurance and felt it was something that I should consider not only for my own sake but for the sake of my children. I wanted to continue to have a loving relationship with them but I did not want to become a burden and I felt that this insurance will help me achieve this, especially the ability to have care in my home from an outside source.
The two issues I faced in making this decision were 1) How much coverage do I really need to purchase, and even more importantly, 2) Who can I really trust to give me that information. That was my biggest concern and that is where the blessing comes in – I, thru the American Associaton of Long Term Care Insurance was put in touch with Don Strickler.
The moment I spoke with him and he was able to answer all of my questions and was able to provide me with a tremendous amount of information addressing all of my concerns, I knew I had found someone who was knowledgeable and, I felt, I could trust. He recommended very highly rated insurance companies and made the comparison process of choosing between benefits, costs and companies a very simple to understand process. He never once applied pressure to purchase and was always very patient and professional.
I would highly recommend Don to anyone who is looking to purchase LTC Insurance, especially if you are like me and hesitant about dealing with “a salesperson” – he is not that – he is a LTC Insurance professional who is willing to share his knowledge and experience with you.


My wife and I were very pleased to have Don Strickler walk us through the entire process of selecting and applying for LTC insurance. Don was very knowledgeable about the current market for LTC insurance and did a great job of explaining the pros and cons of different product options and the companies that provide them. After a few exchanges of e-mails and phone conversations with us to better understand our needs, he tracked down and compiled a menu of rate options and insurance providers. Don always accommodated our busy schedule and, when we finally selected our preferred option, he greatly simplified the paperwork for us. He followed through with the insurance company on our behalf through the end of the approval process.

J.W. Glen Ellyn, Illinois

After placing my mother in-law in an assisted living facility recently, my wife and I quickly learned how expensive this process was going be and it became obvious to us that we needed to do something to protect our assets from these possible future costs when we may need long term care. I was referred to Don by the American Association for Long Term Care and he initially gave me an array of quotes from various insurance companies so that I could get an idea for the costs that would be involved with these policies and he warned me that this was going to be a process that we would have to work through to get to a policy that would fit both our needs and our budget. After getting these initial quotes, I found that long term care insurance is like a buffet table and you would have to pick and choose the variables that you want, to make up your policy – elimination period, benefit period, benefit amount per month, inflation protection, shared care, etc…, each of which of course, had its own effect on the cost of the policy.

Needless to say, my head was spinning and I did not have the information to make an educated decision, and this is a big decision because you will be paying for this for the rest of your life. So to gather information, I decided to talk to more than one agent, along with searching the internet. I decided I would talk to a representative from each of the Mutuals – Mass Mutual, Northwestern Mutual and Mutual of Omaha. In the end, Don earned my business because I found him to be the best resource – he has an in depth knowledge of the long term insurance industry (statistics behind the various variables, products offered by each of the different insurance companies, differences between the products, etc…) and he answered each my questions in a clear, straight forward manner that any layman could understand, and he never once pressured me in any way to make a sale. I appreciate Don’s efforts in getting my wife and I into a policy that I think we will be extremely happy with in the future.

DL & SL Deer Park, IL

As we began our research into long-term care insurance, we were referred to Don Strickler through the American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance. We are so happy that we were connected with Don. He took the time to listen to our needs; presented several options; and walked us through the features, benefits and differences among them all. Throughout the process, he was always very responsive to our questions and truly helped guide us to make the best decision for our needs. At no time, did we feel that he was trying to “sell” us a specific policy. It was a very collaborative process and we strongly recommend Don to anyone interested in purchasing long-term care insurance.

Doug & MaryCary, Illinois

Don provided superior client-centric service without any pressure. He provided information in a clear fashion and was always available to respond to questions from application to processing to finalization of the contract. In addition, Don went above and beyond to ensure us that anytime after the insurance is in effect to not hesitate to contact him for assistance. An offer that was sincere and that I am confident he will stand behind. In my experience, I have never had the responsiveness and quality of customer service in the insurance domain that we received from Don. I fully recommend Don without any reservations.

Frank & Margie

Don Strickler has been assisting us in designing and purchasing our long term care insurance plan. Before we met Don, we had spoken to several other long term care agents. Don is by far the most knowledgeable, honest, efficient, and courteous agent. He was a pleasure to deal with, and we would highly recommend him to anyone who plans to purchase a long term health care policy. Don has a vast knowledge of all of the different policies and options. Because there are so many variables to consider when purchasing long term care insurance, it was so important to have an agent like Don who was able to sort through the details. We asked many questions, and he always answered them thoroughly, providing examples to clarify the issues. He listened very carefully to our specific needs, so that he guided us in designing a policy that fit our individual situation. Don is very honest; while he was careful not to under-insure our needs, he also made certain not to sell us more insurance than we would need for our particular circumstances. Don’s efficiency is unsurpassed, as he always returned our phone calls and emailed documents in a very timely manner. Throughout our conversations, Don was always patient and polite. In summary, we would refer any of our friends and family to Don Strickler, as he truly simplifies this rather complex process, providing the best information in the most efficient manner with the greatest integrity.

Debbie & Bob Herst

I was very unfamiliar with the entire topic of long-term care insurance. Don presented the information in an easy-to-understand way, allowing me to make an informed decision tailored to my specific needs. Don is very knowledgeable and professional, and happily answered my multitude of questions. Don is not a high-pressure person– he realizes this is a decision that cannot and should not be made quickly. I would highly recommend Don to anyone who is considering purchasing long-term care insurance.


After speaking with several long term care insurance agencies, I found Don Strickler’s knowledge and willingness to explain the various components involved with long term care to be quite refreshing. After speaking with him a couple of times I felt that I gained a complete understanding of the policy features and what was best for me. Don listened to my questions and concerns and addressed them in a way that was simple to understand. I never felt the high pressure that I experienced with other agencies. If you want to see whether or not long term care insurance is right for you, I’d highly recommend that you speak with Don Strickler before making any decisions.

A Kujawa