I had read and listened to many financial experts on the benefits of LTC Insurance and felt it was something that I should consider not only for my own sake but for the sake of my children. I wanted to continue to have a loving relationship with them but I did not want to become a burden and I felt that this insurance will help me achieve this, especially the ability to have care in my home from an outside source.
The two issues I faced in making this decision were 1) How much coverage do I really need to purchase, and even more importantly, 2) Who can I really trust to give me that information. That was my biggest concern and that is where the blessing comes in – I, thru the American Associaton of Long Term Care Insurance was put in touch with Don Strickler.
The moment I spoke with him and he was able to answer all of my questions and was able to provide me with a tremendous amount of information addressing all of my concerns, I knew I had found someone who was knowledgeable and, I felt, I could trust. He recommended very highly rated insurance companies and made the comparison process of choosing between benefits, costs and companies a very simple to understand process. He never once applied pressure to purchase and was always very patient and professional.
I would highly recommend Don to anyone who is looking to purchase LTC Insurance, especially if you are like me and hesitant about dealing with “a salesperson” – he is not that – he is a LTC Insurance professional who is willing to share his knowledge and experience with you.