After placing my mother in-law in an assisted living facility recently, my wife and I quickly learned how expensive this process was going be and it became obvious to us that we needed to do something to protect our assets from these possible future costs when we may need long term care. I was referred to Don by the American Association for Long Term Care and he initially gave me an array of quotes from various insurance companies so that I could get an idea for the costs that would be involved with these policies and he warned me that this was going to be a process that we would have to work through to get to a policy that would fit both our needs and our budget. After getting these initial quotes, I found that long term care insurance is like a buffet table and you would have to pick and choose the variables that you want, to make up your policy – elimination period, benefit period, benefit amount per month, inflation protection, shared care, etc…, each of which of course, had its own effect on the cost of the policy.

Needless to say, my head was spinning and I did not have the information to make an educated decision, and this is a big decision because you will be paying for this for the rest of your life. So to gather information, I decided to talk to more than one agent, along with searching the internet. I decided I would talk to a representative from each of the Mutuals – Mass Mutual, Northwestern Mutual and Mutual of Omaha. In the end, Don earned my business because I found him to be the best resource – he has an in depth knowledge of the long term insurance industry (statistics behind the various variables, products offered by each of the different insurance companies, differences between the products, etc…) and he answered each my questions in a clear, straight forward manner that any layman could understand, and he never once pressured me in any way to make a sale. I appreciate Don’s efforts in getting my wife and I into a policy that I think we will be extremely happy with in the future.

DL & SL Deer Park, IL