Don has earned the CLTC designation (“Certified in Long Term Care”). He has also received the necessary training to offer “Long-Term Care Partnership Policies” under the state partnership programs initiated by Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The Long-Term Care Partnership Programs provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection. “For every dollar that a long-term care partnership insurance policy pays out in benefits, a dollar of personal assets can be protected if the individual chooses to apply for Medicaid.” (Indiana also offers a “total asset protection” partnership policy.)

Don is committed to educating his clients in protecting assets and avoiding the potentially devastating consequences of an unexpected long-term care event.

As an independent insurance agent, Don provides each client with a thorough analysis and detailed comparison of the benefits and costs of several of the top LTC insurance policies.

Don was raised in Michigan and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University in 1980. Don worked his way through college while working for Diamond Crystal Salt Company. After graduating college, he stayed in the salt industry for nearly 20 years working his way up to the level of Manager of Sales for Highway and Chemical Division.

Several years ago, when Don was faced with a mid-life career change, he decided to specialize in long-term care insurance.

He’d seen firsthand the physical and financial hardship that was created when two of his grandparents needed long-term care. Since neither of them had long-term care insurance, the burden fell to Don’s mother and her siblings.

Don is passionate about offering a solution to a problem that had such a significant impact on his family.

Arkansas License #: 8442095 (Partnership authorized)

Colorado License #: 435868 (Partnership authorized)

Florida License #: W172405 (Partnership authorized)

Georgia License #: 883168 (Partnership authorized)

Illinois License #: 8442095 (Partnership authorized)

Indiana License #: 470110 (Partnership authorized)

Kentucky License #: 701929 (Partnership authorized)

Maryland License #: 100059711 (Partnership authorized)

Michigan License #: 0572417 (Partnership authorized)

Missouri License #: 8303548 (Partnership authorized)

New Jersey License #: 1581476 (Partnership authorized)

North Carolina License #: 8442095 (Partnership authorized)

Ohio License #: 787043 (Partnership authorized)

Pennsylvania License #: 546714 (Partnership authorized)

South Carolina License #: 8442095 (Partnership authorized)

Tennessee License #: 2029416 (Partnership authorized)

Texas License #: 2298184 (Partnership authorized)

Virginia License #: 800776 (Partnership authorized)

Washington D.C #: 3050516 (Partnership Not Available here)

National Producer #: 8442095

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Jamey and I would like to thank you for your guidance and support as we sorted through the different options for our long term care policy. We were very appreciative of your patience and clarity as you helped us understand the many kinds of policies available, the range of care and benefits, and the price-structures that apply to the different products.We especially appreciated your advocacy for us when our chosen provider decided to alter the original terms of our policy after a less than ideal result in one of my husband’s medical tests. Your support for us helped us reach an acceptable compromise that kept us and our provider feeling good about our final policy. We are very relieved to know that we have a great policy that will support us when we need it but most importantly, keep our family free from the pressures of difficult medical and financial decisions during our final years.Again, we are grateful for your kind and expert guidance through this process. Thank you for your excellent work on our behalf!
Mary K. and Jamey H.Oberlin, OH